A Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor:

Admittedly, COVID-19 will forever be emblazoned in our minds when we think of the year 2020. May I point to two wonderful events that I hope will also be remembered for having occurred in 2020 – two events in which we should take much pride.

The year 2020 was the year of our presidential election. In the election that took place four years earlier, only 58.1% of eligible voters had voted. In 2020, Americans proved that they had learned that we cannot take our freedoms for granted – that we must be active, participating citizens. Approximately 66.7% of eligible voters voted in 2020. That was the highest turnout in 120 years!

COVID-19 did not stop us. Those who feared going to the polls to vote made the effort to obtain absentee ballots, and voted!

Democracy also prevailed after the election. When asked to overturn settled, certified election results, the majority of our states' highest courts ruled not to overthrow the votes of it citizens, not to reverse its voters' decisions.

And, in a decision made in one day, the Supreme Court justices rejected the request to reverse Pennsylvania's certification of its election's winner.

Americans can proudly point to 2020 as a year in which we proved that we are a nation of laws, abiding by the rule of law, the cornerstone of all democratic societies.


Harriet Wertman

Santa Monica

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